Beware of Dangerous Inorganic Minerals And Toxins in Our Drinking Water

As previously noted,chlorine,alum and other inorganic minerals such as calcium carbonate,magnesium carbonate and potassium carbonate are used to “purify” our drinking water.Keep in mind the human body needs hydrogen and oxygen as a natural solvent in its internal chemistry.Therefore our bodies need a constant supply of clean water from.Where to get it ? Even untreated,so-called “pure” water from springs.wells,etc.often contains some traces of inorganic minerals and toxic pollutants from industry,farms.fertilizers,etc.

This is the irony of Mother Nature:that this fluid without which man can barely exist for more than 72 hours before lapsing into a semi-comatose state,contains in most of its form that exact inorganic chemicals which bring about the ultimate premature ageing of man and animals.Major aluminium companies want to pollute all our water with sodium fluoride.their deadly waste products they produce through aluminium processing.


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