Clean & Detoxify with Pure Distilled Water

Each healthy individual body requires a proper balance within itself of all the nutritive is just as bad for an individual to have too much of one item as it is to have too little of another one.It takes appropriate levels of phosphorus and magnesium to keep calcium in solution so that it can be transformed into new cells of bone and teeth.Yet,there must not be to much of those nutrients,nor too little calcium in the diet,or old bone will be taken away,but new bone will not be formed.In addition,we now know that diets which are unbalanced and inappropriate for a give individual can deplete the body of calcium,magnesium,potassium and other major minor elements.


Diets which are high in meats,fish,eggs,and refined grains,and their products which will deplete unbalanced excesses of phosphorus which will deplete calcium and magnesium from the bones and tissues of the body,causing those minerals to be lost in the urine.A diet high in fats will tend to increase the intake of phosphorus from the intestines relative to calcium and other basic minerals.Such a high-fat diet can result in the loss of calcium,magnesium and other basic nutrients in much the same way a high-phosphorus diet does.

Diets excessively high in fruits or their juices may provide unbalanced excesses of sugar and potassium in the body,and calcium and magnesium will again be lost from he body through urine.These calcium and magnesium deficiencies can produce many problems in the body,ranging from dental decay,diabetes and osteoporosis to muscular cramping and twitching,hyperactivity,poor sleep patterns,and excessive frequency and uncontrolled urination.Similarly,deficiencies of other minerals or imbalances can produce other problems.

Let food be your medicine,and medicine be your food.

Enjoy healthy,organic foods for their wonderful abundance of life energy.



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