Green Tea


The grassy flavor of green tea may put you off.but you may not have to develop a taste for it to reap the benefits.Green tea contains catechins,a substance also found in black tea and oolong in lesser amounts,which seems to protect natural stimulants in the body,More of this stimulant equals higher call activity throughout your body,increasing your need for energy.Suddenly you’re burning more calories just sitting around.

Your weight-loss mileage will vary with catechins,just don’t expect too much.Researchers at Cleveland Clinic ,a nonprofit academic medical center,analyzed the results of 15 studies on catechin supplements and found that pills could help you lose about a pound a month.Of more interest was the way catechins seemed to stimulate the body to burn more fat,resulting in significantly narrower waists  among supplement takers.That finding ties in with long term observational studies.Green tea drinkers who have about two of cups a day have a lower percentage of body fat and thinner waists than nondrinkers do.

Experts believe green tea may be most useful to dieters hoping to prevent weight regain.Dieting naturally depresses metabolism,and green tea help counteract that drop.If you want to try supplements,the effective dose seems to be about 600 miligrams a day.Also,be sure to get pills with caffeine: The Cleveland Clinic study results indicated the caffeine-free supplements don’t help.Or you could just sip a cup of the green stuff in the morning and the afternoon.

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