Better Absorption Equals Better Results


shSeveral human clinical studies have also shown that Siliphos is better than silymarin for supporting improved liver function. In one study, 232 people with chronic hepatitis (viral, alcohol, or drug induced) were given either 120 mg twice daily or 120 mg three times a day of Siliphos, or a commercially available milk thistle extract standardized to contain 70 percent silymarin. After 120 days of this supplement regimen, researchers noted that liver function returned to normal faster in the patients taking Siliphos.

rIn another study, people with chronic hepatitis due to either a virus or alcohol use were given different doses of Siliphos; 20 patients received 120 mg twice daily, and 20 received 120 mg three times daily for two weeks. At all doses, Siliphos produced a remarkable and statistically significant decrease of laboratory measurements of liver dysfunction. These results indicate that even short-term use of                                                                                    Siliphos can improve liver health.

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