Enhancing the power of milk thistle extract

The are many different types od dietary supplements that contain milk thistle extract. But scientific research shows that Siliphos brand is the best form of milk thistle.

Siliphod utilizes a trademarked technology called Phytosome to bind silybin-the key component of silymarin-to phosphatidylcholine. This fatty substance os produced from sunflower oil and is also a vital element of the cellular membranes throughout our bodies.

Phosphatidylcholine is not merely an emulsifer or carrier of silybin-it has also been shown to promote liver health by helping to repair cell membranes.

Hence, these two components of Siliphos work in a synergistic way to protect and repair liver cells. Several human and animal studies indicate the Siliphos is better able to accomplish this goal than regular milk thistle extracts because it is more readily absorbed and has the added benefit of the phosphatidylcholine.

In one study, researchers measured the excretion of silybin in the bile of patients undergoing gallbladder removal. Bile, which is secreted by the liver and stored in the gallbladder, helps our intestines break down and absorb fats.

The patients were given either a single oral dose of Siliphos or silymarin from milk thistle extract. The amount of silybin recovered in the bile within 48 hours was 11 percent for the Siliphos group and 3 percent for the silymarin group.

One of the significant features of this study is that silybin has been shown to improve more silybin to the liver and gallbladder,it appears to be the ideal form of milk thistle extract to support liver health in people with poor bile solubility.

In another study designed to assess the absorption of Siliphos,researchers measured plasma silybin levels in nine healthy volunteers who were given either single similar oral doses of Siliphos or silybin.

Siliphos absoprtion was roughly seven times greater than regular milk thistle extracts standardized to contain 70 to 80 percent silymarin.

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