From Sickness to Superb Health


I knew I could help him, but I wondered before making my offer in he was strong enough of mind and wanted to achieve health passionately enough? “I will follow you instructions to the letter,” he stated in desperation, like a drowning man grasping a helping hand.

gtgt“Good! Today you will start on a 10 day cleansing fast.” I picked up the bottles o the beside table. “Soon all this medication will go down the drain.”  I brought him some of my distilled water, purchased apple cider vinegar, lemons and honey from him and started him on his first day. It was not easy for this man to fast. Mr. Wilson was so full of toxic poisons, so full of sticky mucus in his head, throat and lungs that he had a great deal of discomfort and trouble getting rid of it. rvgrBut he was an Englishman with plenty of fortitude. He passed a lot of toxic waters from his sick body. At the end of the 10 days fast, he felt better than he had for years!

Then, I put him on a natural live food diet consisting of fresh fruit and vegetable juices and distilled water. Within 3 weeks after his fast, he climbed 5 flights of stairs to my apartment – something he had not done in 7 years! His wife became enthusiastic about my natural way of living and began to follow the program which became The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle. She started to shed the fat from her body that she couldn’t lose before.



After 6 months you could not tell the Wilsons were the same people. They were healthier, stronger and happier! Mr. Wilson ran up to my apartment twice a day. Now Mrs. Wilson looked trim and slim and had to have all her clothes taken in. Their married daughter lived in Canada and came to visit. She could not believe what she saw.

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