Pure Water Fights Hardening of the Arteries

However,we now live in the age of pollution when even the rains from above are contaminated! Such toxins as Strontium 90 from the new bombs,atomic,etc,and the exhaust from airplanes and automobiles turn rain water into a deadly poison Vicious toxins are sent into the air from our industrial factories-sulfur dioxides,lead,carbon monoxide and hundreds of pollutants.

So, in our present civilization,drinking rain water in some areas is not advised! To live in this poisoned world,to survive and save ourselves from other kinds of destruction (the complete solidification of the body,brain structure,etc) please drink only distilled water

We do not want our brain,arteries and other blood vessels to turn into stone! You see this condition every day in prematurely old people suffering from deep senility,Alzhemier’s,etc. Often you hear the word “fossil” used to describe the prehistoric remnants of animals who lived on earth ages go.When you drink a glass of ordinary tap water.the process of fossilization has already begun.When a person dies of hardening of the arteries,sadly he has reached the tragic end.

So many times we’ve heard someone say something such as,”That old fossil John Smith died last night from hardening of the arteries.” Although the remark was crude,it was truthful! if we escape the other deadly degenerative and infections diseases in this life,we are always haunted by that silent deadly killer of mankind worldwide,”hardening of the arteries”.

Be determined that you are going to drink only pure distilled water. if you cannot get it delivered from a water company,try health or grocery stores.Also,most drug stores carry distilled water fro people with heart and kidney problems.Don’t wait until these happen to you.

If you cannot find distilled water for sale,then purchase a small water distilled and make you own pure water.You may say it’s a lot of trouble – but it’s not nearly as much trouble as when your arteries harden and your body is slowly starved for want of oxygen and health!

Remember,the bloodstream carries vital oxygen to all parts of the body.Also if arteries,become encrusted with inorganic minerals,you are in for grave problems.Oxygen starvation causes a host of serious ailments.


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