The Great Watermelon Flush

There is nothing like a watermelon flush to dissolve and eliminate inorganic minerals from your entire body.

As a youth,my father had a history of drinking exceptionally hard water on the farm,loaded with inorganic minerals. The contaminants in that hard water encrusted the pipes of his body,and when he learned the truth of the great damage it could do to his system,he started to experiment with fruits and vegetables to find out which one had the greatest encrustation-dissolving power,it was a long search,but at last he found it! Watermelon and its juice does the cleansing miracle.

Several times a year we both go on a watermelon flush.We eat nothing for 5 to 7 days but watermelon and watermelon juice.Every morning we take a sample of the vary first urine we void. We seal it tightly,date it and put it on a shelf for 6 months to a year.As it breaks down,the inorganic minerals,which are heavier,settle on the bottom of the bottle.Being a biochemist,my father has thoroughly analyzed these substances and found calcium carbonate,magnesium carbonate and many other inorganic minerals,chemicals and toxins.

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