The Secret of Rain and Snow Water: It’s Distilled By Mother Nature


Many of Dr. Rollier’s Sanitarium practices are now standard T.B. treatments. In many ways, this doctor was years ahead of others and his wise health care saved my life! 

rr He was very insistent upon one point: “No hard water should ever be given to a patient.” Although water is abundant in Switzerland, Dr. Rollier gave us only water from clean rain and melted snow (distilled by Mother Nature). He was also a great believer in the use of fresh vegetable and fruit juices. Dr. Rollier always told us the reasons for his treatments. He explained, ” Practically all of the water in Switzerland is heavy or hard water, loaded with   inorganic minerals. This hard water burdens and brings only harm to our bodies, because the body chemistry can assimilate only living foods and liquids.”

snow  I admired, loved and followed Dr. Rollier because he gave logical answers to my questions. What a brilliant man! He brought healing to patients from all over the world who had been doomed to die, including myself. When I left the sanitarium, he cautioned me that I must drink only rain and snow waters, vegetable and fruit juices (all distilled by Mother Nature) and distilled water.

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