The Stones Within Us

The more we learned about biochemistry (life chemistry); the more we realized why so many people were prematurely old, stiff and suffering from pain throughout their bodies. During our visits to London’s largest hospitals, we learned more about stones forming within the human body. Why do stones form in our bodies? What does this mean with regard to our health? fr
The most common places to find such stones are in the gallbladder, the kidneys, the passageways between kidneys and bladder (known as the ureters) and within the bladder itself. Another organ where stones are sometimes revealed, by an ultrasound, x-ray or CT scan, is the pancreas. This is the glandular organ which lies behind the stomach and has both an internal and an external secretion. Stone formation anywhere in the body has always been regarded as a diseased condition.
In our opinion, all these stones are formed by the unbalanced, acid, toxin-producing diet that most humans eat; further aggravated by the chemicalized, inorganically mineralized water they drink. Add to this the heavy concentrations of salt most people use, plus the tremendous amount of waxy cholesterol (saturated fats) ingested by the average person, then unhealthful conditions result! Unbalanced diets form toxic poisons which the body cannot metabolize or easily eliminate, so these toxins are formed into stones by the body’s chemistry. Practically all drinking water contains the inorganic mineral calcium carbonate. This and other inorganic minerals and toxins play a big part in the formation of painful stones within the body’s organs.

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