Like ashwagandha,ginseng is an adaptogen thught to treat a veriety of troubles by boosting  the immune system and easing stress,it comes in several types: the three most common are American,Panax and Siberian.

American ginseng seems to offer the clearest energy-boosting benefits,although Panax ginseng may help relieve anxiety and depression.

Researchers have found that 400 milligrams a day of Panax could help calm volunteers,improve their ability to solve problems and ease stress.

Siberian ginseng-also called eleuthero-seems to relieve chronic fatigue.A study involving 96 patients revealed that after a couple of months,the patients had far more energy than did a group taking a placebo.

In studies of American ginseng researchers have given it to cancer patients who were battling fatigue:

Taking 1,000 milligrams twice a day for two months seemed to improve their energy levels by 51 percent.

That’s a big dose,so discuss these options with your doctor before you start supplementing.It’s also important to realize that the people in the cancer study were very sick: for people with average energy depletion,a dose of 100-400 milligrams a day could be plenty

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