Over-Fueling the Body is a Slow Killer!

Some people eat as though they were going to do the hardest kind of physical labor! A sedentary person- by habit and conditioning – will get up in the morning and eat a heavy breakfast of cooked or dry cereal,hot cakes with bacon,eggs,buttered toast and a stimulating beverage like China tea or coffee.These same people  then go to work in an office,store,etc.,and sit or stand around all day.They will usually have mid-morning snacks and then at noon they will eat a heavy meal: bread,meat,a dessert and a beverage like a sugared soft drink or coffee.In the mid-afternoon they again have snacks and more sugared drinks.They at home they have their biggest meal of the day; consisting of meat,potatoes,bread,dessert and a beverage.Typically they and their day watching TV – while eating another snack! This kind of daily habitual over-eating another snack! This kind of daily habitual over-eating is making millions of sick,fat,exhausted people.This habit is sending them to doctors,clinics,hospitals and too many to an early grave! Sad Facts: millions are sick and grossly overweight and it’s all due to unhealthy lifestyle habits.

The person living the average,inactive life can’t possibly burn up these large amounts of food! So what happens to people who eat this way? You know as well as we do that they are sick or half-sick for most of their entire lives.They fill the doctors’offices,pharmacies and hospitals with all their health problems brought on by their unhealthy lifestyles.Millions more end up in old people’s homes,convalescent and mental facilities.

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