Plums,Greengages,Damsons and Prunes

Plums and greengages have a sweet,refreshing taste,although some varieties,especially if unripe,can be a little bit tart,Greengages are incredibly sweet and perfect for juicing,while damsons are fairly sour with a strong flavour,so are generally cooked with sugar before using,Prunes are dried plums and are intensely sweet -they can be blended with water to make a thick sweet juice,and they combine well with most citrus fruits.

As with other sweet,soft fruit,plums are best used with other fruits that are less sweet or with more liquid ingredients,such as slightly sour apple juice.If plums are a little underripe,they will work well with extremely sweet fruits,such as bananas,mangoes or even orange juice.

Therapeutic uses Plums and prunes are known for their laxative properties They are also very rich in potent antioxidants,making them a good choice for general health: Plums are a rich source of vitamin E and are good for maintaining healthy skin.

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