Orchard and Stone Fruit

Apples and pears are the classic orchard fruits and they are excellent for juicing.They are available year round and are relatively cheap.making them ideal to use as base juices.Other stone and orchard fruit,such as apricots,cherries and plums.are restircted to the summer season and tend to be more expensive.but they make deficiously sweet juices.Apples and pears store well in cool,dry conditions,but it is best to keep soft fruit in the refrigerator.All of these fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals,with apricots being particularly high in betacarotene-a natural source of vitamin A.

Preparing and Juicing Orchard and Stone Fruits 
To juice orchard and stone fruits,you will need either a juicer for hard fruits,such as apples and pears,or a blender or food processor for softer fruits,such as peaches or plums,You will also need a chopping board and a sharp knife.A cherry stoner is useful for removing stones (pits) from cherries.

Hard Fruits
Apples,hard pears and quinces are best prepared with a juicer (centrifugar or musticating),Using a brush,sorub the skin with soap or washing-up liquid (dishwashing detergent) and water.Quarter the fruits and remove stems,but leave the core intact (although you can remove this if you prefer).Push the quarters through the juicer,Firmer peaches,nectarines or plums can also be put through a juicer,although the yield is much less than if blended.Halve or quarter these fruits and remove the stones.

Soft Fruits 
Ripe apricots,cherries,peaches,nectarines,plums and greengages are best prepared in a blender or food processor as they produce a deliciously thick pulp.Halve or quarter these fruits,removing the stems and stones.There is no need to peel these fruits.though leaving the peel on will give the blend a thicker texture.if you do not peel the fruit.wash it thoroughly first.

Cherries These need to be pitted and this is most easily done using a cherry pitter.

To use a blender Place the fruit in the goblet and add your choice of liquid water,juice,milk or milk substitute.Cover and select the appropriate speed.For a thicker consistency,add banana,yogurt or cream.

To use a food processor Place the prepared fruit in the bowl,cover and select the appropriate speed.The resulting pulp can be diluted to drinking consistency by adding water,a liquid juice such as apple or orange juice,milk or a milk substitute,if your food processor can crush ice,add some cubes at the end to create a lovely fruit “slush” drink.

In the late summer and autumn,there is often a glut of locally grown orchard fruit or berries.But plenty and either freeze them for use later in the year,or juice them,taking advantage of some of these classic flavour combinations.

  • Apple and blackberry- the sweetness of the apples offsets the tart blackberries perfectly.
  • Apple and carrot – this juice is packed full of healthy nutrients.
  • Pear,melon and ginger – the warmth of ginger complements the cool melon in this exotic blend.
  • Peach and apricot – this thick blend can be thinned with sparkling mineral water.
  • Nectarine and cherry- a delicious sweet blend that children will love
  • Pear and cranberry – this refreshing juice should be served with plenty of crushed ice.
  • Pear and apricot – the thick,sweet apricot juice complements the subtle,aromatic flavour of Pear.

These fruits have an aromatic scent and delicate flavour,which comes out particularly well when they are juiced.To fully enjoy their subtle flavour it is best not to mix them with other very strong tasting juices,although they can be used to tone down the sometimes overwhelming flavours of cabbage and celery,for example.
Therapeutic uses This is another detoxifying fruit,which also provides an energizing boost,The levulose sugar in pears is more easily tolerated by diabetics than other sugars.

If you can,choose tree-ripened fruit as the betacarotene levels increase by 200 per cent in the final ripening period.When blended,apricots produce a thick,rich pulp that is best when diluted with other more liquid juices such as cucumber,apple or carrot.Alternatively.

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