Shopping for Healthy Skin Essentials

You know you need a moisturizer.but what do you need in that moisturizer- or night cream,or skin scrubby stuff? Once you study up on the ingredients that do their jobs can past the buzzy words on the box and instead rely on science.Here’s an easy crash course in baying skin-care products that will truly deliver.

  • Face Lotion 
    Scan the ingredients list for mega-hydrates like dimethicone (a skin smoothing silicone),hyaluronic acid,and/or glycerin (these last two pull water to your skin’t suface).Some beaty brans also cook up syntetic versions of fats called ceramides to replace the natural one in you skin that get depleted over time.For help with sun spots and wrinkles,vitamin C is a good add-in.If rosacea is an issue,try niacinamide. And you know this was coming day lotion should have an SPF of at least 30,with broad spectrum protection(see more on suncreen,for right)

  • Body Moisturizer
    First up,look for oils-these will rehydrate skin,plump it up,and fill in tiny cracks.Coconut oil,olive oil,and shea butter are good natural ones,and silicone is safe version whipped up in a lab.Other ingredients worth watching for: glycerin or hyaluronic acid. Again,these are water magnets that suck H2O from your skin’s layers so it reaches the surface.And if you have tough,scaly patches on your knees or elbows,try lotions with urea or alpha hydroxy acid each gently dissolves the top layer of dead cells,so hydrating ingredients can nourish the skin underneath.
  • Body scrub
    Gritty scrubs made with nutshells and fruit pits may work well on normal and combination skin,and can be a bit gentler than salt and sugar,two other common scrubbers.People with sensitive skin may be better off with tiny,soft particles,like small beads made from natural jojoba oil.
  • Sheet Masks 
    These single-use masks with the eye-nose-mouth cutouts may make you look like a horror movie extra,but they come with hydrating and plumping benefits.Seek out moisturizing hyaluronic acid,powerful antioxidants such as vitamin C,and anti-inflammatory ingredients like allantoin and green tea.
  • Face Brushes
    if you wear foundation or blush daily.have flaky skin,sweat lots,or live in a super-smoggy city.these cleansing gadgets can do a better job than your finger tips alone.To avoid aggravating skin,track down one with multiple speed settings.And if your skin is extra sensitive,consider one that comes with brush heads in varying degrees of softness.
  • NIght Cream
    For help addressing wrinkles,go with retinol,the gold-standard line fighter (other forms are retiny) palmitate or retinaldehyde).
    Peptides,a chain of amino acids,that make up collagen and elastin,the building blocks of firm skin,are also good.Some skin-care companies develop their own versions.but palmitoyl tripeptide is commonly used.For help fadding sports.go with a cream that contains hydroquinone,kojic acid,licorice extract.or arbutin. To deal with duliness,bring in alpha hydroxy acids.
  • Sunscreen
    Start with SPF 30 and above,and look for the words broad spectrum to protect against both UVB and UVA rays.Then pick between one of two key ingredients: avobenzone, or zinc oxide. For the best protection with avobenzone,reach for sunscreens that list at least three other active ingredients-oxybenzone,homosalate,and actocrylene-to help stabilize the formula.With zinc sunscreens,go for one that also contains titanium dioxide.

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