Tension and Relaxation Create The Heartbeat of Life

As you obey and live by the Laws of Mother Nature you’ll automatically earn the right to relax when your body needs relaxation. There is nothing wrong with tension. Tension is part of life. For example – when we walk out onto the platform to lecture before 5,0000 people for 2 hours we are bound to feel some tension! Life is movement and movement requires tension as well as release. How is that fact expressed in your body ? dd

You have a miraculous muscle in your chest cavity that is active from the moment begins to function before the birth to the instant of your death. That miracle muscle is your heart. How does it keep going for so many years? Study it closely. Observe exactly how it works. It tenses and then relaxes, tenses and relaxes. Thus it can go on and on and on. There is a great lesson for us here.



The heart is like itself, it should be made up of tension and relaxation. To get a task done-whether it is large or small-we must draw upon our Nerve Force reserves. We put an extra push into our efforts and this extra push is tension. If our nerves are healthy and we are working correctly, when the effort of the task is over we should automatically have the feeling of relaxation.


You can’t force relaxation any more than you can change the beating of your heart. Relaxation is a feeling, always remember that. It is something that works naturally within your nervous system. Live by Mother Nature’s Laws and you will never have to worry about relaxation. This feeling will come to you naturally.ge

To be able to relax, rest and sleep you must program your day so you have balanced time for work, rest, recreation, exercise and then a good night’s sleep. Also, you can’t get a good sleep if you overload your stomach! You will enjoy better sleep if you earn it with daily exercise, brisk, walking, gardening, etc. We have love and concern for you and love being your health teachers and friends to inspire you to live Healthy Life Style! Please nourish your body with healthy natural foods, pure distilled water, lots of fresh air, exercise and deep breathing exercise.

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