Cannabis Consumption Gets Creative

Medical marijuana patients are looking to escape their pain and stress,which is why the company Yummi Karma has developed products that allow users to absorb their THC and CBD in a more relaxing manner.Yummi’s all-female executive team has come up with a line of health and beauty products they call High Gorgeous.There are THC- and CBD-only bubble baths like Pop the Bubbly(Strawberry/champagne scent) or Smooth Sailing (sea breeze scent). The complany has also created body lotions with fragrances like cinnamon and names like Pina Co-Conna,along with cherry-and lime-flavored lip balms.

it may be a while before CBD infused products make it into your supermarket.Still,there already are numerous products available around the country that use cannabis’ country cousin,hemp That includes snacks like “hemp hearts” (shelled hemp seeds) and Ready-Pac’s Hemp Caesar Salad Kit with chopped romaine lettuce,shredded carrots and hulled hemp seeds,and Caesar vinaigrette.

Foria,a California-based company,is taking pat’s pleasurable pursuits to new height with a line of THC-infused sexual lubricants.
Foria Pleasure,for instance,is designed to enhance female pleasure using all-natural liquid coconut oil and purified pharmaceutical-grade cannabis oil.Users have reported a broad range of benefits,including heightened sensation,easier access to orgasm,and diminished discomfort.

Mondomeds has created a powder consumers can blend with just about combines cannabinoids THC,CBD and CBN from extract,with organic coconut oil,organic cacao butter and a non-GMO was developed to help address anxiety issues,something many cannabis patients report as a primary cause for medicinal use.
Each jar holds 46 doses containing 5mg THC,as well as 1mg each of CBD and CBN. The powder can be used as a smoothies,or sprinkled on baked cookies or crackers.

Cannabinoids and other plant compounds are being combined to create a very different cup of joe. tea or hot chocolate,says Pot-O-Coffee founder and CEO cass Riese.
“The benefits of cannabis-infused coffee are in the cannabinoids,which provide therapy for a variety of aliments,”Riese explains.”Meanwhile,coffee contains many healthy benefits,Adding these two together promotes wellness while creating a nice feeling of energy.”

Pot-O-Coffee comes in convenient L-Cup pods that contain single servings of arabic coffee blend,”cannabis coco,” and CBD-only tea formulations.
Infused cold-brew coffee and tea come in 16-ounces battles,sweetened or unsweetened.

Feshly brewed espresso

The partnership between Lagunitas Brewing Company and AbsoluteXtracts-neightboring companies located in California’s Sonoma County-gives ale connoisseurs a chance to sample cannabis-flavored beer and hops flavored oil cartridges for vaping.
Ale consumers like the Supercritical IPA,a complex blend with deep layers of flavor.Vape enthusiasts go for cannabis oil cartridge flavors based on Logunitas hops,including HopCannon,a dank,earthy,heavy and pungent blend,and SuperTerpical,a mix of citrus,lavender flowers and hints of mint.

Cannabis has long been associated with the desire to consume copious quantities of snack foods.Yummi Karma’s flogship products include an edible line that features tortilla chips and popcorn dusted with klef,a crystalline substance that coats marijuana flowers and contains psychoactive components,infused for centuries in a variety of recipes,Yummi Karma has blended it into several different chip and popcorn flavors,including nacho cheese,zesty ranch,sriracha,parmesan and herb,and mac and cheese.


Of all edibles,cannabis and chocolate combinations are generally more popular becouse of cacao’s own effects,according to VCC Brands founder Kenny Marrison,His 4.20 Bar and gourmet cookies,which come in a half dozen flavors (including The Elvis,a decadent heavyweight at 1,000mg) changed the edibles market.
His latest products are microsed Cannabis Quencher SIPS.These mini-drinks come in a variety of tropical flavors with low milligram dosages,and THC-only or THC/CBD blends,Natural mango,watermelon,passion fruit,hibiscus,strawberry lemonade and pomegranate-blueberry-ocal are served in dainty two-ounces containers which easily fit into a pocket or purse.

if you’ve had a few cups of pot coffee,following that up with breath mints isn’t a bad idea.These days,they can contain a microdose of THC. Breez Mints Come in 5mg THC,20mg THC,and a 11 combo of THC/CBD at 5mg each per mint.The small amount of active ingredient allows you to have greater control over exact dosing.
Breez offers more of a sublingual delivery than a traditional edible.When cannabis is delivered sublingually,it can take effect more quickly,which makes it easier for consumers to regulate dose and control their experience.” says Breez Mints” co-founder Anna Walters.Her Products some in a handful of flavors,including peppermint,cinnamon/peppermint and vanilla/peppermint.

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