Oxygen is The Invisible Staff of Life

Oxygen is the life of the blood, and blood is the life od the body! Oxygen is the most important element in the body! It is coloress, odorless and tasteless. It’s main function is purification. Lack of oxygen in the body can lead to serious conseguences. The majority of people sre oxygen starved because the are shallow breathers.

To have a healthy, youthful, vital life we need fresh, unpolluted air in abundance, purified distilled water and fresh organic vegetables and fruits. Remember, ample oxygen is unquestionable source of indispensable energy necessary for higher vital activity in the human organism! It helps you ensure healthier elimination, reconstruction and regeneration within the vital factors and metabolic activites of the entire physical body!


Through the lung functioning, oxygen is absorbed and assimilated into the bloodstream, brining with it other unknown factors from the atmosphere. Plants, through their roots, absorb the vital elements in the soil necessary for their life. If we cut or damage their roots, they die! Man’s root are his lungs! Smokers are killing their lungs and the lungs of all those around them! Don’t be around secondhand smoke – it’s even more deadly! Allow no smoking in your home!

The oxygen in the air that we breathe helps dissolve and eliminate the waste and builds the continuum of cellular structure! This maintains our body to the highest degree possible! Each breath should detoxify and regenerate our vital forces. But this rejuvenation process must be supplemented by faithfully following The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle. Please understand that both exercise and deep breathing must be fortified with proper healthy nutritious food to prevent degenerative and destructive premature breakdown of your 10 trillion cells.


Obey the Laws of Mother Nature and God and you will see results you now scarcely dare to dream! Miracles will happen! – Dr. Patricia Bragg

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