Millions Suffer From Potassium Deficiency

Millions of people living in today’s civilization and eating commercialized, processed foods have a potassium deficiency. The skin and muscle tone are bad. The flesh does not cling firmly to the body’s bony framework. Lines and wrinkles fill the face and neck. The hair is brittle.sdd

One sign is flabby, excess skin hanging over the eyes. If the potassium deficiency continues, the prolapsing eyelids progress. Soon, people are looking out of slits instead of wide-open eyes. Thousands have turned to eyelid surgery for this, the insurance company usually honors the calm. It’s an in/out local procedure. It’s wise to have a board certified eye surgeon. People wrongly blame their age for their droopy eyelids, skin changes and lack of muscle tone.
But the truth is … you must have potassium to build and maintain youthful, healthy tissues! If you don’t get required amount of potassium daily, you soon acquire an old-age look and feel. This premature ageing is usually due to potassium deficiency an unhealthy living!fg

It is the same in your flower and vegetable garden. Potassium is necessary for the health production of the substances that give rigidity to plant stems and increase their resistance to the many diseases that attack plants. Potassium is also the powerful element that changes seeds into plants and beautiful flowers by progressive development. If plants become deficient in potassium, they stop their growth. If the potassium deficiency is not corrected, the plant slowly starts to wither, turns yellow and dies! The same is true of animals and humans with a potassium deficiency: there is a slow degeneration leading to death of the cells, then death of

Example: With country medicine practiced for 300 years in Vermont, Dr. D.C. Jarvis stated potassium in its natural combination with other trace minerals is so essential to the metaboli-process in every form of life on Earth, that without it there would be life! Taking ACV promotes a potassium-rich blood chemistry to help keep body tissues soft, pliable and helps prevent hardening of the arteries.

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