Silent,Painless Gallstones May Suddenly Become Noisy and Painful

“Silent” gallstones are those which remain quietly in the gallbladder and do not produce the acute abdominal pain which is known as gallstone colic.However,these silent stones may at ant time-perhaps at an inopportune moment -become raucously “noisy” and extremely painful!! 

“Noisy” gallstones may involve not only the gallbladder itself but also the common duct-a vital structure which serves to carry secretions from both the gallbladder and the liver into the secretions from both the gallbladder and the liver into the intestine.This often happens when the gallbladder contracts and attempts to push out a gallstone.If the stone gets stuck on the way out,there is acute pain,and in many cases,inflammation of the gallbladder and the common duct.

If the stone blocks the common duct,the liver cannot send its bile into the intestine where it is essential for proper and healthy digestion.Then the liver is in trouble! The result is what is known as obstructive jaundice,evidenced by the yellow of the bile which shows up in the skin and in the whites of the eyes.

The color of the skin also betrays the presence of silent gallstones.This was the case with the great hollywood film actor Tyrone Power,who came to us for some health and diet devise,He looked physically fit,but we could tell from the color of his skin and his eyes that he was suffering with silent gallstones.


Gallstones may be caused by drinking water saturated with inorgenic minerals and deadly toxic crystals formed by and unbalanced,unnatural diet, Also,hardened,saturated fats and hydrogenated foods and their oils can cause some gallbladder problems.

We pleaded with him to change his unhealthy habits and follow Mother Nature’s way.but sadly we could not get him to change! He died way too young! if he had let us put him on a program of liver and gallbladder detoxification- and given up his unbalanced diet,alcohol,salt and ordinary drinking water – that talented,handsome man might still be alive!

We have had many people under our nutritional supervision who had gallstones.The following is an excerpt from the Bragg Book.

This video is taken from: WS Westwood

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