The Answers to Healthful Living!


ah  Pondering Dr. Rollier’s advice, I thought, “Could it be possible my grandfather’s death from a stroke and Bessie Lousie’s death from crippling arthritis had a common basis? Was it due to drinking hard water and eating devitalized foods?” These questions nagged at me. I had to find the answers. I felt a great burden that could be lifted only when I found the truth. Then the answers to such disease and premature death would no longer be a mystery!

It was then that I pledged to God to be a biochemist, nutritionist and doctor who healed using only natural methods. After I left the Sanitarium, I spent 8 years in school and doing research for knowledge which would equip me to help sufferers help themselves to health!


We’ve been blessed by helping millions to better health and we’re more enthusiastic than ever about the miracle healing powers of God and Mother Nature. That’s why my daughter Patricia and I wrote this life-changing book, which had lead the way to pure water for millions, here’s the answer that will help save million from suffering!

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