(Video)Millions Suffer With Joint Pain

Many fine people from all walks of life worked on our farm.We all go along together as one big family. One of the women who worked in our home was named Bessie Louise. She was just like a member of the family,and we all loved her dearly. Poor Bessie developed arthritis and rheumatism in her hands,wrists,elbows,hips,knees and ankles,How that poor woman suffered day after day from tormenting pain! Sometimes the pain would be so great she would burst into tears.

Again I asked my doctor,Uncle William,what caused the arthritis.I wanted to know if there was a cure for this tormenting condition.He answered me honestly.”Paul”,Uncle William said,”we do not know the cause of crippling,painful arthritis,and we have no cure for it.

All i can do is give Bessie strong painkillers to relieve her great pain and suffering.”



These are the 7 types of joints in your body,the moveable and the immovable.Between each of the moveable joints there is a clear amber fluid called synovial fluid which acts as a lubricant to keep the joints moving freely and easily. When inorganic minerals from drinking water and toxic acid crystals replace this synovial fluid you experience stiffness,pain and misery.

In time,poor Bessie was confined to her bed in pain.In just a few years she was dead.She never reached 65.
Sadly her last years were filled with intense pain,misery and suffering.
My poor young brain suffered.” What causes this horrible,crippling disease?” I would ask myself in the late hours before going to sleep.

Here we were living on a big,fine farm,with an abundant supply of foods of all kinds.We had a good,comfortable home.It was a beautiful farm on a majestic river.But there was suffering among the adults.These pains were grouped under one word,and that was “misery”! Each day i would hear my mother ask different people.”How is your misery today” ?
The sufferers would answer my mother dolefully.

Frustrated,I would go to our kind and patient doctor.Uncle William,and put the question squarely to him.”Uncle,” i would ask,”Why do so many people suffer again I would say to myself,”Somebody,i will find out why people suffer from the misery”!

Video is taken from: 2HealthyLife

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