Don’t Drink Dangerous, Toxic Fluoride!



Fluoride is among the most potentially dangerous of all water additives! Long-term research into fluoridation has shown that its positive effects on dental health are minimal at best and are far outweighed by the serious health risks resulting from its use. Cancer research Dr. Dran Bruke believes that 10% of all cancer deaths in the U.S. may be due directly to fluoridation! Yet, 40% of the citizenry continues drinking fluoridated water. Dr. Bruke and associate, pioneer Dr. John Yiamouyiannis, both concluded drinking fluoridated water increases risk of cancer.

Fluoride has various appetite for enzymes you need for healthy digestion, thereby reducing body’s ability to absorb vitamins essential for good health. While fluoride debate continues, some authorities believe fluoride may cause birth defects, genetic damage, cancer and allergic responses. fluoride-poison.jpgMore immediately apparent is dental fluorosis, a gross mottling of young people’s teeth, and can damage skeletal system and thyroid function. Former Health Dental Officer, was instigator of fluoridation in New Zeland. However, after much research, seeing toxic long-term effects of fluoride consumption, is now foremost opponent of fluoridation!

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