Warnings on Milk and It’s Dangers!

We do not recommend using animal milks,specifically cow’s milk,for several reasons,First,almost all milk is pasteurized (boiled). Milk that is not labeled raw has been boiled to kill all bacteria so you don’t get sick from drinking it.Bacteria is not the only thing that is killed during boiling.Pasteurized milk is dead,if anything is left alive,the homogenization process destroys it.Why would you want to drink dead milk?

Milk also contains an enzyme called lactose which most people are allergic to.The major symptoms of a lactose allergy is mucus formation.Many people think lots of mucus and handkerchiefs,nose-blowing and tissues are just a normal part of life.But they’re not! These people haven’t realized that they are lactose intolerant.If they stopped consuming milk and other dairy products,most would find themselves drastically reducing their mucus production and use of tissues.

Be informed and take into consideration all of the herbicides,pesticides and fungicides that cattle ingest through their feed.These toxins are passed on to you through their milk.This is to say nothing of all the hormones,growth stimulators,antibiotics and other drugs that are pumped into cattle to treat disease and increase their weight and milk production.These chemicals also make their way to the milk.As far as raw milk is concerned,remember the reason that pasteurization become mandated by law was because so many people were dying from bacterial diseases that they contracted from drinking raw milk.

And what about the cattle industry’s policy of feeding cows the rendered (ground-up) remains of other cows? How healthy do you think the milk of a cannibal cow really is? Also,if you think these cattle are given distilled water to drink,you need to visit a feed lot and see for yourself.
You would be applied at the conditions! in short,if you value your health,switch to soy,abstain from cow’s milk and its products: cheese,buttermilk,sour cream,cream cheese,cream,butter,yogurt and ice cream.

This video is taken from: The Vegan Activist

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