Hot Mineral Water Under California Desert

Just a few hundred feet below our desert home in California, there is a raging river of hot ,mineral water . Wells are sunk down to reach this water, which comes out at a temperature as high as 180 degrees. This water has been underground for centuries. The water is cooled to a temperature that human beings can tolerate and provides blessed relif to thousands who have aches and pains throughout their bodies. This warm mineral water is very relaxing and therapeutic. People come from all over the world to bathe in its natural, healing warmth!

We both have painless bodies, yet still take the time to enjoy these natural hot mineral baths because they are soothing and relaxing to the body and mind and are good preventive medicine. This is why we build a home in this spa town- we go to our desert retreat when we want to swim, hike, relax, maybe fast, and write.

Angel View Crippled Children’s Hospital in Desert Hot Springs is world- famous for the miracles it’s doing with handicapped children. It’s an inspiration to see them swimming in the hot mineral water therapeutic pool! Even through many of children cannot walk when they arrive, they soon learn how to swim in the pool and starts to build their self-confidence in their little bodies! This hydrotherapy, plus physical therapy, has worked miracles under the pioneering guidance of our good friend, Dr. Frank Edmundson. Our late President ad friend, Dwight D. Eisenhower, served on the Board of Directors of this hospital for years

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