Brains Turned to Stone

The greatest damage done by inorganic minerals- plus waxy cholesterol and salt (sodium choride) – is to the small arteries and other blood vessels of the brain,it also-causes deterioration of the kidneys,liver,heart and other vital organs of the body,Essentially,premature ageing and senility are the brain turning into stones! Visit the large convalescent and rest homes and see with your own eyes the number of people who can no longer reason or think for themselves.Many of them cannot even recognize their own children and relavies!

Millions of people have lost all power of thinking! They often have no control over their eliminative organs and have to wear diapers.Many of them have to be hand fed.All higher functions of the brain and nerves are gone.Their minds and eyes sadly stare into empty space.

This is the way many end up! Millions are saved from this tragedy because they die before their body chemistry has time to turn their brains to stone.Hardening  of the arteries and calcification of the blood vessels starts the day you are born,because from birth we begin taking in inorganic minerals and chemicals into our bodies

Function of the Human Brain

Video is taken from: Ed Zerati

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