(Video)Eliminating Meat is Healthiest

Most uninformed nutritionists call meat the #1 source of protein.Those proteins coming from the vegetable kingdom are referred to as the #2 proteins.This is a sad and terrible mistake.it should be the other way around!

In this day and age,almost all meat is laden with herbicides,fungicides,pesticides and other chemicals that are sprayed on or poured into the feed which these animals consume! They are also pumped full of hormones,antibiotics,growth stimulators and all kind of drugs to fatten them up and keep them from dying from extremely unhealthy conditions most of them live in!This is not to mention the admitted fact many of them are fed dead,ground up carcasses of other feed lot fallen animals who,for a variety of reasons,did not make it to the slaughterhouse.

Speaking of the horrors of the slaughterhouses,what kind of chemical reaction do you suppose would occur in your body if somebody put a choke chain around your neck to keep you in line,shoved you onto a conveyor belt,and made you watch in horror as all of those in line in front of you were beheaded one by one?
Well,your body would be pumped so full of adrenaline from all that fear you wouldn’t know that hit you! Unused all that fear you wouldn’t know what hit you!
Unused adrenaline is extremely toxic.If you think for a minute that most of the meat that you consume is not packed with this toxic substance,you’re sadly mistaken!

Also,consider the fact that cattle,sheep,chickens,etc..,are all vegetarians.When you eat them,you are just eating polluted vegetables. Why not skip all the waste toxins and just eat healthy,organic vegetables?

And what about that myth that you have to eat meat to get your protein? If that were true,where do  you suppose farm animals,especially horses,get their protein? They are vegetarians! They get their protein? They are vegetarians! They get their protein from the grains and grasses that they eat.You are no different.You can get all the proteins you need,and then some,from the organic grains,nuts,seeds,beans,fruits and vegetables that God put on this planet for you to enjoy eating to stay healthy.

Meat is also a major source of toxic uric acid and cholesterol,both harmful to your health.If you are going to include meat in your diet,it should not be eaten more than 2 times a week.In our opinion,fresh fish can be the least toxic a week.In our opinion,fresh fish can be the least toxic of the flesh proteins.But beware of fish from polluted water! They can be loaded with mercury lead,cadmium,DDT and many other toxic substances.If you are unable to test the waters from where your fish come,don’t risk eating them! And avoid shellfish – shrimp,lobster and crayfish.They are garbage-eating bottom-feeders-the rats and files of the water kingdom.

They eat all of the rotting,decaying scum and refuse off the bottoms of the oceans,lakes and rivers.Next come chicken and turkey-but never eat the skin,which is heavy in cholesterol.Third place goes to lamb beef.

People should not eat pork or pork products.The pig is the only animal besides man that develops arteriosclerosis or hardening of the arteries.In facts,this animal is so loaded with cholesterol that in cold weather,unprotected pigs and bogs will become wolid and stiff,as though frozen solid. Also,this animal is often infected with a dangerous parasite which causes trichinosis.

Video is taken from: The Vegan Activist

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