Healthful Ways to Alleviate Gout

02-remove-uric-acid-fbWhat can you do about this gouty, painful, distressing condition? it’s not possible for us to offer cures, but rather to inspire you about healthy living so Mother Nature will help you clear up your health problems!

To help prevent gout and kidney stones, fast 1 day a week on 8 glasses of distilled water (cool or warm). You may add 1 to 2 teaspoons equally of Organic Apple  Cider Vinegar and raw honey to 3 of them. Drinking large amounts of pure, steam-processed distilled water often prevents the formation of kidney stones (which result from high uric acid and drinking water with inorganic minerals). Stay away from alcohol, purine foods (anchovies, gravies, kidneys, liver, meat extracts and sardines) and salty foods. Red meats and shellfish are also no-nos for gout. Also avoid coffee, sugar, meats, fish, pork, fowl, cheese, eggs, milk and dairy products. No peas, beans and nuts, until gout is gone. images (5)The most protective foods are organic fruits and vegetables. About 60% of your diets should be raw vegetables and fruits and their fresh juices. Raw and cooked vegetables, soy and tofu, nuts, sunflower and sesame seeds could supply protein foods. Again if gouty condition persists then nuts, whole grain breads should be eliminated for 6 months. Each week, faithfully take a 24 hour distilled water.

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