Iron Serves Four Distinct Purposes in Plants.Animals and Man

  1. Iron produces the chlorophyll (blood) of the plant,principally contained in the green leaves,and the hemoglobin of the red corpuscles in man.
  2. Iron enables the plant to take carbon dioxide and nitrogen from the air and to synthesize them into organic matter using chlorophyll and sunlight.
  3. Iron assists in the processes of respiration in man and animals,it is the hemoglobin that carries the oxygen to all parts of the body,reaching every cell through the capillaries.Here the carbon of the ingested food,stored in the cells of the tissues,is oxidized and changed into carbonic acid.This in turn is combined with the alkaline elements of the blood and elimination through the constant working lungs.
  4. Iron generates a magnetic blood current and an electromagnetic induction current in the nerve spirals which pass through the walls of the arteries and veins,helping to build and nourish the tissues.








The total amount of iron in the human body is comparatively small.Under normal conditions,it does not exceed 75 grains.Of this quantity,about 50 grains are contained in the blood,with the remainder being distributed throughout the marrow of the bones,in active mineral in the system,and therefore need to be renewed more frequently than the more stable elements of calcium and potassium in the bones and tissues.

The quantity of blood in a 160 pound normal adult man is about 12 pounds (7.5 of body weight) and contains approximately 50 grains of iron.With every pulse beat,nearly 6 ounces of blood are forced from the heart into our major artery,the aorta.Every 30 seconds,that blood passes from the heart into the lungs.Then the blood travels from the lungs into the arteries and capillaries throughout the body.Consequently,these 50 grains of iron pass through the heart and lungs 120 times per hour ,or 2,880 times per day.With in 24 hours under normal conditions,the 50 grains of iron have to perform the same function as 2,880 x 50 grains ,or more than 20 pounds ! For that reason alone,a daily supply of organic iron in our food is essential to the body.

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