Sea Salt is Inorganic Sodium (Salt)!

Due to all of the bad publicity about table salt in recent years,many health food stores and manufacturers have begun promoting the use of sea salt.Their rationalization is that this particular sodium is healthy and natural since it is coming from the sea.Well,one could make the same argument for common table salt that is taken from the earth via a quarry!

The bottom line is this – no matter where or how on earth it comes from,if salt is not first transformed by plants from inorganic sodium into organic sodium,it can’t be properly absorbed into the body! If you enjoy the taste of salt on food,it’s healthiest to come from a plant source.A healthy option is to sprinkle powdered kelp over food which Dad pioneered over 60 years ago.Another easy way to get the salty flavor you like is to season food with Bragg Liquid Aminos(All purpose) Seasoning.


Video is taken from:  The New York Times

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