(VIdeo)Inorganic Deposits Cause Bad Posture

Inorganic minerals and toxic acid crystals are major cause of poor posture. This can bring on all sorts of bad disturbances by throwing the vital organs out of place, unduly straining some muscles, while weakening others, impairing circulation, breathing and elimination. Just stand on any busy city cornet and watch the people of all ages shuffle by you. What a miserable sight most of them present – people whose feet are so loaded with inorganic calcification and pain that they simply lift their feet up and put them down! The spring’s absolutely gone from their step.

Many people walk like ducks with their toes pointing outward. Others walk stooped and are bent of shape. Some walk stiff with no knee action. You see many whose steps are unsteady because their joints are so cemented and others who are so out of balance that they sway from side to side as they hobble along. Their heads are carried too far forward, throwing their bodies off balance. Watch them as they try to sit down. They simply plop into the chair, giving their lower back and hips a shock.

Video is taken from: Joanna Soh Official

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