Many Are Poisoned by Food and Water!

Mercury … lead … arsenic … zinc … none of us deliberately take these inorganic mineral poisons into our system. Or do we? How could we? Health-minded people drink distilled water, organic fruit and vegetable juices, try to eat only organically grown foods.jmmm

The tragic truth about the water and organic foods and juices is that even these substances can become contaminated, because so much of our air, water and soil are contaminated by industrial and agricultural pollutants. We are aware of radioactive fallout and have demanded safeguards against it. But what about the daily fallout of inorganic wastes from factory chimneys? What about poisonous pesticides, chemical fertilizers and the deadly food additives put into American foods?

Rain water, for example, was once and rightly so considered pure- but no longer! Pure it may be when it leaves the clouds. But if it passes through air polluted by industrial and automotive toxic wastes-including everything from sooty carbons to strontium, arsenic, selenium, beryllium, copper, lead, mercury and fluorides-it should be labeled “hazardous to your health!”hhhh

When these poisons, especially the deadly fluoride gases, are absorbed by the soil it also becomes toxic. Add to this the toxic contaminants contained in poisonous pesticides and chemical fertilizers that large industrial farms and growers use to increase crop production. Grains, vegetables and fruits will absorb these poisons and so will meat from animals that feed on contaminated grass and feed. It’s no wonder millions of people are only half-alive, suffering with physical health problems!

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