Our Bodies Can Only Endure So Much Severe Punishment and Still Survive!

Because the body is such a miracle instrument, it can take a great deal of punishment and still function. For many years the body seems to handle the situation. But the day finally arrives when the poisons you have loaded into your body begin to give you trouble – real trouble: increasing pain, suffering, misery and agony!

Those people who have laughed in “ Mother Nature’s and God’s faces now cry out in pain. “Help me! Save me from my terrible suffering!” These are the people who want a cure. A cure? No one can cure you of anything!

Only the basic biological functions of the body can perform a cure. Don’t wait until pain strikes to start taking care of your wonderful body! It may be too late then. Today is the day to outline a healthy lifestyle program for yourself and live by it faithfully hereafter. You get only one body during your lifetime. If you want to live in health and freedom from suffering, you must faithfully follow the Health Laws of Mother Nature and God. These are good laws. They want you to have a painless, tireless, ageless body. It’s your birthright to feel the thrill of joyous living every day of your entire life!

By following Mother Nature’s and God’s great and good laws you can awaken one beautiful morning to discover the feeling of radiant health and happiness! You’ll have slept deeply like a baby. Gone are your headaches, gone is your chronic fatigue, gone are all your aches and pains! You’ll feel new vitality surging throughout your entire body. You’ll have a spring in your step, a sparkle in your eyes and the glow of health in your skin. You’ll have found the greatest and most precious treasure in the whole world – radiant, glorious health! Physical and mental health are now yours!




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