Good Elimination is Vital to Health!

liStudies reveal the presence of toxic poisons in cases of constipation. When these toxins are absorbed into the general circulation, the liver “your detoxifying organ” is unable to cope with them. These toxins are then thrown back into the body to cause degenerative diseases, toxemia, cancer, premature ageing, sickness and lack of energy, etc.

seYou lifestyle and diet play a vital role in maintenance of health, good elimination and the prevention of disease. Research show that diets composed of refined white flour and sugar; preserved meats, as hot dogs and luncheon meats; white  rice; coffee. tea. cola drinks and all alcohol; margarine; overcooked vegetables; high fat; sugared, salted, and processed foods create serious health problems, especially in the colon and intestinal tract, heart and respiratory areas. It’s wise to never eat refined, processed, embalmed and dead, unhealthy foods!

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