Oceans and Seas – 97% of Earth’s Water

The oceans hold 97% of all the water on earth. They create the enormous tides, waves and winds which crash and slam against the rocky beaches and reduce them to sand. Where volcanic eruptions  have flowed to the sea, this volcanic material is reduced to sand over time. That is why the Isles of Hawaii and Tahiti have some beaches of black sand. The sea will always win this battle with the earth! Some Geologist tell us that eventually the mountains may be leveled and swept into the ocean and the cycle of volcanic eruptions will begin again.qq

Eons ago, the continent-spanning glaciers were so numerous that the level of the seas fell 300 feet and land bridges appeared between England and France. An earthen bridge also emerged between Siberia and Alaska. That may Account for some of the mystifying similarities among races, even now widely separated by oceans.ff

The famed oceanographer, Columbus Iselin, chided science when he wrote, ”The sea is producing about as much as the land, yet man is using only about 1% of his food from his salt water environment.” Unfortunately, man is more interested in the unknown darkness of our sky and outer space than studying and protecting our vast seas!

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