The “Fad” of Drinking Sea Water

From time to time during the past 85 years,some so called “health experts” have advised drinking sea water to get the minerals which the body requires.They give the argument that billions of tons of tip soil are washed into the ocean every year,and that the minerals from gain more health.Nothing could be farther from the truth!

Yes,the ocean is a vast storehouse of inorganic minerals.But again we must positively state that the human body cannot absorb or utilize any inorganic mineral – whether it comes from a well,spring,river,lake or ocean.Then,too,ocean water has a very high concentration of inorganic sodium chloride(common sable salt) which cannot be used by the body chemistry.

Don’t drink sea water,no matter what you have been told or read! Sailors and shipwrecked people have tried it,and they had an agonizing death!

Video is taken from: TheCuriousEngineer

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