Filtered Distilled Tap Water-Best for Health!

The best method of ensuring a safe water supply in your home is to install a home water distillation system. It’s the only purification system that recovers every kind of bacteria, virus, parasite, and pathogen, as well as pesticides, herbicides, organic and inorganic chemicals, heavy metals and even radioactive contaminants. In a properly made distillation system, tap water is preheated to just below boiling point to drive off compounds that are lighter than water (volatile organic compounds or VOCs). Once those compounds have evaporated, water is heated just to boiling point then sent to condensation chamber t return to its liquid state as pure, distilled water. dd

A filtration system, changing filters often, can purify you tap water, but, as with bottled water, filtration systems must be evaluated and consumer lab reports given careful study. Some systems remove up to 99% of THMs (trihalomethane toxic chemical by-product when chlorine is used to disinfect drinking water) and synthetic organic compounds. All less efficient systems provide a false sense of security to consumers. (Filtered water is NOT distilled water.) We’ve researched the processes and equipment available for making distiled water. We will continue to review and experiment with new equipment as it comes on the market. cc

Sad fact-much of the world’s water today is polluted. It is difficult to find sources of water from rivers, ponds, lakes, streams and even wells and springs which are not polluted or which do not contain traces of toxic industrial chemicals to some degree. Therefore, a great deal of toxic chlorine is added to make this water fit to drink. But is it really “fit to drink”? Water processing plants use chemical chlorine to destroy bacteria in polluted water. Alum and other inorganic chemicals are also used to cleanse polluted water of dirt and filth. In addition to these inorganic chemicals, a dangerous inorganic substance has been added to drinking water-sodium fluoride. It’s the worst chemical ever added knowingly to our drinking water; a terrible crime against public health!  bb

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