More Shocking”Fluoridation Fiasco” Facts:

  • Some fruits contain shocking amounts of fluoride,with some brands of grape juice containing  much higher levels-up to a highly toxic 6.7ppm! Also the use if fluoride-containing insecticides in grape crops is a factor in these high levels.Cooking can greatly increase a food’s fluoride content.Also,keep in mind that toxic fluoride is also an ingredient in pharmaceuticals,aerosols,insecticides and pesticides.Common fluoride is ingested,about 93% is absorbed into the bloodstream and what is not extracted is deposited in the bones and teeth of the body- Shocking Facts!
  • Fluoride use is toxic,absolutely unsafe and should be stopped immediately! The government feels that its central concern is to protect industry,therefore the solution to pollution is dilution! You poison everyone a little bit rather than poison a few people a lot.This way,people don’t know what’s going on.Any public health official who criticizes the practice of this toxic fluoridation is at risk of losing his job.
    SHOCKING: National Toxicology Program Researchers downgraded cancers caused by fluoridation after being coerced by superiors to change their shocking,truthful findings:
  • Fluoride has been proven to cause osteosarcoma,a rare bone cancer; squamous-cell carcinoma in the mouth;fluorosis of the teeth;osteosclerosis of the long bones;liver cancer;chromosome aberrations;genetic damage;and skeletal fluorosis and deformities.
    B.Spittle,author of Psychopharmacology of Fluoride: A review states,”There appears to be strong evidence that chronic exposure to fluoride may be linked with cerebral impairment that affect particularly the concentration and memory in some individuals.”
  • A 1992 University of Arizona study yielded surprising results when they found that “the more fluoride a child drinks,the more cavities appear in the teeth.”
  • All the Native American Indian Reservations are now fluoridated by law.Children living on them have more dental decay and other oral health problems and diabetes caused by high sugar,refined foods,etc.than do children living in other U.S communities!
  • Most of Western Europe has rejected fluoridation on the grounds that it is unsafe! Sweden’s Nobel Medical institute recommended against fluoridation and the process was banned! The Netherlands outlawed the practice in 1976.France decided against it after consulting with its Pasteur institute! West Germany,not Germany,rejected the practice because 1 ppm was dangerously “close to the dose at which long-term damage to the human body is to be expected.”
  • J,William Hirzy,PhD,Senior Vice-President of the National Federation of Federal Employees stated in a letter,July 2,1997 to Jeff Green,of Citizens for Safe Drinking Water,”I’am pleased to report that our union,which represents and is comprised of the scientists,lawyers,engineers and other professionals at the headquarters in Washington,D.C.of the US Environmental Protection Agency,has voted to cosponsor the California Citizen’s Petition to prohibit Fluoridation.The evidence over the last 11 years indicates a causal link between fluoride and cancer,genetic damage,neurological impairment,bone pathology and lower IQ in children.We conclude that the health and welfare of the public is NOT served by the addition of fluoride to the public water supply!”

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