Studies Show Fluoride Causes Cancer and Many Other Health Problems

Studies show that fluoridation is causing an increase in bone cancer and deaths among  males under 20. 
The growing increase in osteosarcoma is attributable to an increase in toxic fluoride.

Evidence shows that fluoridation is causing an increase in oral(mouth) cancer.Don’t use fluoride toothpastes or give your dentist consent to do fluoride gel treatments or use fluoride polishing paste!

Fluoride has been linked to many health problems: 

  • bone and oral cancers in human(even in animals)
  • an ability to inhibit the DNA repair enzyme system
  • accelerates tumor growth an inhibits immune system
  • causes genetic damage in cell lines and induces melanotic tumors,fibrosarcomas,etc.
  • other tumors/cancers strongly indicate fluoride has generalized effect of increasing them overall.

According to our estimates,thousands of people in the USA die of cancer each year due to fluoridation of their public drinking water.

Fluoride is POISON! look video:

This video is taken:Melissa Melton

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