“Water! Water! Everywhere – But Not a Safe Drop to Drink!”

Yes, with all the billions of gallons of fresh, sweet water there is on earth, only a fraction of it is fit to drink. A chemical compound known as H2O, water is one of the most abundant and widely distributed substances on the surface of the earth. It occurs naturally in solid, liquid and gaseous states, generally known as ice, snow, water and steam vapor. Water, composed of hydrogen, and oxygen, is contained in varying amounts in all natural foods. It’s an indispensable solvent needed in all physiological functions in every form of life. human-body-composition-59021b3c5f9b5810dc784933

The body requires water that is 100% pure hydrogen and oxygen, free of toxins and inorganic minerals. This water comes from three sources: 

  1. From fresh, organically-grown vegetables and fruits and their juices, which Mother Nature purifies;
  2. From water distilled and purified by steam;
  3. From rain that comes down distilled through unpolluted, clean air. 

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