8-10 Glasses Purified Water Daily Promotes Super Health and Also Healthy Elimination!

Colon cleanliness is important for superior health!

See that your daily liquid intake is at least 8 glasses of distilled/purified water, plus some Bragg Vinegar Drinks and vegetable of fruit juices, especially if bowel movements dry. Many people suffer from constipation and hemorrhoids due to dehydration because they don’t drink enough water!

Remember salt, black tea, coffee, alcohol, soft drinks are dehydrating! One function of the lower bowel is to remove surplus water from the waste. If wastes are not evacuated or remain in the colon too long and a great deal of water is removed, then the stools become too hard to easily eliminate. These poisons must be moved out of body – no meal should stay in the colon more than 36 hours. When the normal rhythm of bowel evacuation is reached, many of your physical problems will vanish!


Video is taken from : ItsHeyMorgan

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