Inorganic Versus Organic Minerals

Now,let us give you a short lesson in chemistry.There are two kinds of chemicals,inorganic and organic.

The inorganic chemicals like chlorine,alum and sodium flouride cannot be utilized in a healthy way by the living tissues of the body and can only cause harm!

Our body chemistry is composed of 19 organic minerals which must come from a living source or one that was once alive.When we eat an apple or any other fruit or vegetable,that substance is composed of living organic minerals.It has be a certain length of life after being gathered from the earth.vine or tree.The same goes for animal foods,fish,milk,cheese and eggs.

Most Americans’ bodies thirst for pure distilled water! Then bodies become sick,prematurely aged,crippled and stiff due to inorganic minerals and chemicalized water and lack of sufficient pure water!

Organic minerals are vitality improtant in keeping us alive and healthy! if we were cast away on a barren,uninhabited island where nothing was growing,we would slowly starve to death.Even though the soil beneath our feet contains 16 inorganic minerals,our bodies cannot absorb them efficiently enough to sustain life.Only a living plant’s roots has the power to extract inorganic minerals from the earth and to transform them into useful organic foods to nourish our miracle working bodies.

When my father was on an expedition to China many years ago,one part of the country was suffering from drought and famine.With his own eyes he saw poor,starving people heating and eating earth because of the lack of food!  They died horrible deaths from starvation,becouse they could not get the needed nourishment from the inorganic minerals in the dirt.

For years we’ve heard people say that certain waters were”rich in all the minerals.” What kind of minerals are they talking about? Inorganic of organic?

Humans do not have the same chemistry as plants.Only living plants can convert  an inorganic mineral into an organic mineral.As you read here,you will learn what harm inorganic minerals can do to your body and brain.

Because of dietary deficiencies,some children and young animals try editing dirt.They can become deathly  ill.not from the germs in the dirt.but from the inorganic minerals which can cause sickness and even death!

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