Miracle Mechanisms of Your Body

If we had transparent skin and could look inside ourselves, we would see the lungs taking air into their delicately fashioned chambers. If we smoked, we would see tobacco’s vicious nicotine and tars coating these pink, beautiful, healthy organs to a sticky, deadly black.

If you smoke – stop now! The strong survive longer!

We would see the heart receiving blood through numerous intricate channels from the billions of our body’s cells and pumping it out, refreshed and purified, by another route back to these same tissues. We would get an exact picture of our arteries, veins and capillaries. We could see how much corrosion is taking place because of our consumption of the heavy inorganic minerals and toxic chemicals that are put into our drinking water. If we could examine our arteries closely, we would see that calcium carbonate and its associated are lining these pipes and making them brittle- beginning to literally turn our bodies into stone. Oh, if everyone could see what inorganic minerals do to the arteries – they would be sure to follow the wise advice given in these book! Remember, we are as young as our arteries!

If we could look inside ourselves, we would also see the digestive tract performing miraculous changes to the foods and drinks we consume. We would see our body transform salads, raw nuts, seeds, raw and cooked organic vegetables, fruits and other healthy foods into vital substances our bodies’ cells need and use! People who live on devitalized diets would see how the body’s chemistry labors to handle burgers, hot dogs, processed deli meats, high fat and sugar foods, ice cream, candy, coals and all other “fast food trash” that insults, sickens and clogs their digestive tracts and bodies!

If we could get a full view of the largest organ in the body, the liver , we would see how it struggles to handle alcohol, coffee, tea, cola, soft drinks and other unhealthy liquids. We would see the disastrous effects to our drinking water inorganic chemicals that are added to our drinking water by man. Also, Mother Nature can often do more harm than man by contaminating water with inorganic mineral carbonates and many other substances. Looking closely, we would see that the liver is slowly hardening into stone.

Thousand of people die from a disease known as cirrhosis of the liver – fibrosis, which is a hardening caused by excessive formation of connective tissue followed by contraction of the live. Both hard water’s inorganic minerals and alcohol consumption hardens the liver! The world is recklessly consuming toxic alcohol products which I leading to grave health problems!

Up to 90% of deaths annually are self – inflicted by unhealthy lifestyle!

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