The Five Big Health Builders – Air – Water – Sunshine – Food – Exercise!


Next to oxygen, water is the most vitally important substance in the body. The adult body is roughly 70% water and excretes water daily through the urine, defecation, perspiration and breathing. The internal temperature of the body is controlled with water. figure7_bis The average body is 98.6°F, if it rises above this normal temperature we become feverish. If it falls below, we are physically under par. Water makes up 83% of the blood in the body and nearly 98% of intestinal, gastric, salivary and pancreatic juices. Most older people become dehydrated and literally dry up due to insufficient water intake. Their skin and hands look parched, withered, and around their eyes. A curtain of dry flesh hangs over their eyes. Other unhealthy results and danger signs of dehydration are constipation, which affects millions, and also burning, irritating urination.

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