The Body is Composed of Organic Minerals

Remember that these are ALL ORGANIC- not inorganic – chemicals and minerals.There is a sharp line of demarcation between the two! Although the chemical analysis is the same whatever found in air,earth,plant of animal – it is only through the life processes of the plant whereby the constituents of air and soil become vitalized and useful to the human is property of vitality alone which distinguishes,for example,the atom of iron in the red corpuscles of the blood from that of inorganic iron or preparations made from inorganic iron.

You could suck on an iron nail for years and never extract any organic iron for building your blood. When you eat blackberries,you are getting organic iron that can be used by the blood.The arrangement of atoms that form a molecule of the iron nail is the same as that of the organic iron in blackberry .Only by the great natural miracle force of photosynthesis does the living plant covert the inert minerals into the organic minerals which we can use for keeping ourselves alive and healthy!

Video is taken from: Eternal Nature

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