You can use our dinner’s leftovers as ingredients for a tasty next day brunch.


Buy just one 15-ounce can of pumpkin to make both the crème brûlée and loaf bread. (Look for real pumpkin, not pumpkin pie mix.) Spoon leftovers into smoothies.


Roast 5 pounds of carrots at one time. You’ll serve most of them warm at dinner, but reserve 8 ounces to cut into bite-size pieces for the arugula salad at brunch.

Pomegranate arilstggg

These bright, sweet seeds are perfect to garnish drinks, sprinkle on salad, or toss into wild rise dressing. Buy them prepackaged to save time.


For a shorter grocery list, keep it to one cheese for all your recipes. We topped the arugula salad and the egg casserole with goat cheese. Feta is versatile enough to use in both recipes, too.

Sweet potatoes

You’ll save 25 minutes baking all the sweet potatoes at once to use in the wild rice dressing and egg casserole. Reserve 1½ cups for the casserole.

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