Better Nutrition in the 1930s

2018 marks Better Nutrition 80th year in print.Travel through time with us as we highlight popular diet and nutrition trends by decade in the spotlight this month.the Grapefruit Diet.

Originating in the 1930s when dieting first become popular.the Grapefruit Diet has endured over the years,going in and out of fashion and outlasting many other food’fads’ This low-carb regimen,which was also called the Hollywood Diet,centers around(you guessed it) the fat-burning powers of grapefruit. Early versions of the diet were very low calorie-as low as 585 calories per day.There are numerous variations today.most of them suggest eating around 800-100 calories daily.Here’s a sample Grapefruit Diet menu that we found online.Keep in mind that plan is designed for short-term use.around 10-12 days.


2 eggs boiled
2 slices bacon
1/2 grapefruit or 8 oz.grapefruit juice without added sugar.

1/2 grapefruit or 8 or. grapefruit juice without added sugar

Salad Any style meat in any amount.

1/2 grapefruit or 8 oz.grapefruit juice without added sugar.
Salad with a red or green vegetable cooked in butter or spices.
Meat or fish cooked any way.
Coffee or tea (1cup)

8 oz.cup of skim milk.

FOODS of the ’30s
The following foods were introduced in the 1930s:

  • Jiffy Biscuit Mix
  • Krispy Kreme
  • Cheese puffs
  • Dry soup mix
  • Fritos
  • Twinkles
  • Ritz Crackers
  • Hawaiian Punch
  • Canned beer

The story of Better nutrition 

Better Nutrition was founded by jack Shwartz in 1938. Schawrtz returned from the military with a business idea–start a magazine about nutrition. He loved helping friends and family find natural solutions to health problems,and he figured others would be interested in this too.He saw an opportunity to fill a niche and,at the same time,satisfy his passion for health and nutrition. And just like that.
Better Nutrition magazine was born. Fall back in fime with us this year as we revisit popular trends in nutrition,vitamins,recipes,and more with this limited-edition section.

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