Happy and Healthy Naturally!

At least one in five women deal with the pain,bloat and other abdominal woes of irritable syndrome.”Doctors often prescribe antispasmodics,but they aren’t very effective and can cause side effects,” cautions Andrew Weil,M.D.,author of Mind Over Meds Instead,try doing 20 minutes of yoga a day.At least 14 studies prove that the simple poses ease LBS for 78 percent of women,often within two weeks.How? 
The stretches and breathing kick start the production of digestion enhancing brain chemicals.

Brings on deep sleep: Scented soaks 

You’re smart to use sleeping pills sparingly,because the more often you take them,the less effective they can become,say Canadian scientists.A better bet.Pour 2 cups of Epsom salts and 10 drops of lavender essential oil into the tub and soak for 20 minutes. According to British researchers,lavender increases the production of sleep-inducing brain waves,and magnesium-rich Epsom salts relax muscles,tripling your chances of drifting off quickly and helping you sleep soundly.

Slashes cholesterol: Bergamot 

“Statins lower cholesterol,but whether they improve health is up for debate since they can cause pain,memory loss,fatigue and liver irritation.”says Dr.Well.The good news? Studies suggest that taking 500 to 1,000 mg of bergamot extract daily can trim up to 87 points off cholesterol in a month—a bigger drop than statins offer.The credit goes to the fruit’s flavonoids,which heal the liver to control cholesterol out put.Of course,talk to your doctor before you stop taking any prescriptions.

Boosts Mood: A fish dish

The number of women on antidepressants has quadrupled since the ’90s,and while the meds can be life saving for severe depression,”they’re no better than placebos for moderate depression,plus they can cause weight gain,loss of sexual desire and bone thinning,”says Dr.Weil,instead,aim to eat 16 oz.of fish weekly.Yale scientists say fish’s omega 3s and the amino acid L-phenylalanine boosts serotonin to improve depression for 80 percent of women.

Steadies blood sugar: A daily stroll 

When insulin levels rise and blood-sugar control drops,the results is prediabetes, a condition plaguing 54 million of us,says the CDC.The drug metformin has been the go-to Rx,but a 10-year goverment study suggests exercise is a far better option.in the study,metformin cut diabetes risk by 31 percent,but 30 minutes of daily exercise paired with a healthy diet reduced risk by 58 percent! Why ? Exercise switches on enzymes that help muscles burn glucose to steady blood sugar.

Lowers blood pressure: This oil 

BP meds trigger dry mouth and muscle weakness and they don’t prevent heart attacks any better than placebos for mild or moderate hypertension Dr.Weil’s advice,”Unless your pressure is over 180/100 or associated with organ damage,try reducing it using diet and lifestyle changes,”A starting point: Sesame oil.Research in the Journal of Medicinal Food found consuming 1 oz.a day can lower BP by 22 points in two months.

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