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Feel-Great way to soothe sore muscles.

Icing muscles is often recommended to ease pain after a workout,but research in The journal of Physiology suggests a warm bath may be more effective,in small study,subjects exercised their arms to exhaustion,then either warmed them to 100 F or chilled them to 5 F. Two hours later,they were asked to exercise again.The results? Only those who warmed level. The authors say heat therapy may be better at relaxing muscles and increasing blood flow to speed recovery.

Naturally Rx for leaky gut.

Probiotics can outsmart the stomach pain,heart burn,brain fog and fatigue caused by leaky gut.say scientists in the World Journal of Gastrointestinal Pathophysiology. When people took a probiotic containing different strains of bacilicus (B subtilis,B.coaguians and B.clausil) for 30 dats,they produced 42 percent less of an inflammatory toxin that’s a key marker of leaky gut.The study authors explain that these strains are uniquely able to survive exposure to stomach acids,enter the intestines and create antioxidants that suppress toxins.A brand with the study-tested strains: Primal Blueprint Primal Probiotics.



Proof: Eeating slowly speeds slimming.

So say scientists at a meeting of the American Heart Association.In a five-year-study.people who ate slowly were 404 percent less likely than fast eaters to become obese or develop metabolic syndrome.The authors say slowing down boosts satiety and prevents blood-sugar spikes to ward off pounds.They advise taking at least 20 minutes to eat. Cutting food into bite-size pieces,using small dishes and minimizing distractions can all help.

Must-read news about Heart stents

Stents are a common treatment to ease chest pain from angina,which occcurs when clogged arteries hamper blood flow to the heart.But scientists reporting in The Lancet say the treatment may not be as effective as one thought.In a study of 200 people with chest pain.those who received a stend had no significant differences in pain or exercise stamina than those who had a “Sham” procedure. While stents are relatively safe,experts advise talking with your doctor about the benefits and risks,plus alternatives like lifestyle changes.

This scent sends energy soaring

Inhaling the earthy scent of vetiver. a tropical grass,can help you beat that dreaded 3 PM slump,suggests research in the Journal of Intercultural Ethnopharmacology.
In an animal body.the scent increased alertness by 125 per cent and cut sleepiness by nearly two-thirds.The study authors say vetiver contains compounds that naturally boosts alertness.Studies in humans have shown as much as a 100 percent improvement in mental performance from inhaling the scent three times a day.
Get the benefits by crashing a few blades of grass in your hands whenever you need a boost.



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