Smooth Cellulite With Seaweed

The fix for those unflattering dimples that have us shying away from baring our backside: a seaweed massage. “Seaweed’s iodine helps improve circulation and detoxify fat cells so they shrink”, says head aesthetician from New York City. And massaging the algae into skin stimulates the lymphatic system so toxins and trapped fluids can be flushed from the body for smoother skin. fdd

TO DO: Mix ½ cup of seaweed powder (like Starwest Botanicals Organic Kelp Powder) with ½  cup of water and 2tsp. of olive oil (its vitamin E and fatty acids hydrate and plump skin). Massage the mix onto areas with cellulite, the loosely wrap the area with plastic wrap (this generates heat that helps the active ingredients deeply penetrate skin for faster results); rinse after 15 minutes. Use daily to see a smoother rear view in 30 days.

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